Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top 10 reasons for Adsense account blocking

Your adsense account is approved. You are happy using it. But be careful, protect your account from blocked. Main 10 reasons for adsense account blocking, 
  1. Copied Content/ image from other sites. Avoid this  to protect from adsense account blocking.
  2. Illegal content (porn, weapons, etc content in site).  Torrent download. Open source or software developed by you is legal but paid/ copyrighted torrent download is not legal. This can be reason for being adsense account blocked.
  3. Clicking on your own ads or inspiring people (like writing content please click ads) is not allowed. You can promote your site. But writing content please click on ad is not legal.
  4. Auto- clicking software on ads. Don't try to cheat google. Sooner or later you will be caught and your adsense account will be blocked. 
  5. Write original content. Don't copy and paste. (Even if it's not blocked, your ranking will be effected).
  6. You can promote your site/ blog at facebook, twitter, google plus, etc but don't say to click on ads else you may loose adsense account.
  7. Write quality content. This may not be reason for blocking but it's good for good ranking.
  8. Spamming of your site. Writing same content and link to 100s of forums/ sites can be reason of blocking.
  9. Don't place ads on blank site. There should be minimum content that anyone can visit site. 
  10. Keyword spamming. Writing same keyword that is not good for users only for google ranking. Or hiding words from users but writing for ranking only. (Like white font on white background).
Keep reading this blog and keep reading google adsense terms and conditions ( )  to know more.
Thanks for reading.

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