Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Second day summary

We are provided a worksheet from, Google docs worksheet (You can copy this google docs/ drive, by clicking Adsense 10 Challenge - Week 1 -Test Your Knowledge ,we don't have to share this worksheet with anyone. It's for us to know how much we know about adsense after 70 days)


 Important point-

  • In video, we met with Allan Livingston (AdSense Group Product Manager) and Paul Edmondson (CEO of If you could ask Allan Livingston (AdSense Group Product Manager) or Paul Edmondson (CEO of one question, what would it be? Tell us what you'd ask by posting your question in this event page by 10:00am PDT Monday morning. Your question could be asked in the live Hangout on Air on Wednesday, June 26th at 11:00am PDT.   
  • Please do checkin what you learned at, Checkin

Meeting members' said following important points,
  • Post ads according to your site. Ad of technical site will be different than kitchen recipes site. 
  • Initially, google ads having limited choices of ad sizes. Now there are more. It means as new devices like mobile, smart-phones are launched, new ad sizes are needed. And so, we should place ads according to users come to our site
  • For beginner, it's recommended fewer and larger ads.
  • Do lot of experiment on ads placements, ads sizes, colors, etc (A/B) testing to find out best suited ads.   
A/B testing -  Make 2 identical pages but with 1 difference only say one ad is at left, other at right. And research which page works better. Using such tests, you will know which planning best works for you. But be careful, many attributes effects these tests, so it's results in biased judgement. Like both pages should be visible 50-50% . All other things should be identical, etc. Important thing is there should be only 1 difference.
  • They also gave advice to google adsense team to tell research to publishers. To help publishers, by giving process data and provide automatic testing, etc because now it's becoming so much complex, publisher has difficult to manage so many data.
  • Tomorrow, it's holiday. But we have to do checkin and write that pdf (given above in this post). And ask questions in community and also ask questions for above meeting members, if your question is selected, they will answer you.
Thanks for reading, give feedback (add comments).

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