Sunday, June 30, 2013

Get Updates of first week Google adsense challenge in PDF format

Note : This updates are not official, it will be written by me not official Google. 
Get free pdf of this blog by filling form.
Please note : pdf file will have content from this blog posts till today only. I may remove some useless content from pdf and I can add useful content. But I don't promise that it will be better. As reading pdf is easier than blog posts and I want to get email ids of people to promote my blog. So, I started this sending pdf. I will send you pdf within 1-2 days maximum. Later I can chat, email with you directly but I hate spams. I know no one like spams so I will never send unwanted emails. Anytime, you want to stop email, just send me email (as you will have my email id), I will stop emailing instantly but may chat/email and ask reason for unsubscribing. (So, there may be few emails before stopping totally). You can forward the pdf to anyone. But please don't change content. Click following link
Please subscript

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