Saturday, June 22, 2013

Newbie for adsense suggestions

You need blog/ web-site for publishing adsense ads. If you don't have any of these, your first step is to create blog. There are many places but 2 famous,easy , flexible and best places are,

1. (google blogs),  best for newbie.
2. (wordpress is open source, so if you know php and have site, you can develop using this software). I have both blogs. It's for more experienced.

So, your first step is to create a blog. Go to and create a blog. Choose any topic, start writing. Don't worry, you can add/edit/delete your blog any time. If you can't find topic, write anything, you can improve,change any time. Topic is very important but first of all, you need to know how blogger works. So, go write, play, experiment with it. When you will be experienced and you have good  topic than write new blog.

Top 10 things to be consider while writing blog,

  1. Choose blog title and blog address (blog url) which best suited you topic. Choose blog address (url) that best suited your blog topic. Blog address is very important. If you can't do first time, don't worry, you can create new anytime. First start blogging later you can choose better. It's unique for every blogs. So, many addresses (url) are not available.
  2. In single blog, write on specific topics.If you have multiple topics, write multiple blogs. Choosing topic is also very important. Choose topics in which you have interest, you have experienced. You have lot of knowledge. If you don't have, ask friends, use google. I will write new post on choosing topics. :P
  3.  Write original contents. Don't copy and paste content from other blog. Of-course, you can read from other places and write on your original language.
  4. Check your content with, to know whether you blog is considered as copied from other blog/site. You can even check your competitor whether they are coping your content from this site.
  5. Don't try to write your content in best language, without grammar mistake, in first draft. You can edit, delete any time. If you can't find topic, write anything, then improve it. Ideas don't come first time. 
  6. All posts of blog should have same topic. And every post have unique sub-topic. You are optimizing that keyword/s (if you don't know this term search it on google, I will write on it next time) .
  7.  If you have created your first post, now you can place ad on it. For blogger, you see earning tab on your From here you place ads and also get ad details.
  8. Write in simple language. Write short sentences in simple language.
  9. Write point-wise. Like, Top 10 things to be consider while writing blog . 
  10. Read other people blogs on your topic. You will get new idea, new knowledge reading other topics. Having insight knowledge is very important.
That's all for now. Happy blogging. :)

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