Thursday, June 20, 2013

Adsense commonly used terms

Page CTR (click-through rate) - It is percentage of people clicking on ads visiting your page. So,
CTR = (clicks / page-visit ) X 100 . The more value of CTR, the better. It measures

CPC (Cost-per-click) - It is amount of earning when users clicks on ad. In google adsense, it is given average CPC, it means,

CPC = Total Earning / Total Number of clicks . The more value of CTR, the better.

Page RPM (Page revenue per thousand impressions) - Average Earning per thousand page view. The more value of RPM , the better.
Page RPM = (Total earnings / Total Number of page views) * 1000

Estimated earnings - it is estimating of earning of recent time. Other is Finalized earning. It is close to actual (finalized) earning.

Why estimating earning not Finalized earning? If google thinks earning is due to invalid clicks (if publisher himself/ herself clicks on own ads). Then google will not charge fees from advertiser and hence publisher will not get any earnings. It may be result into closure of adsense account.

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