Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Join Learn with Google for Publishers community

You can join community for learning more about adsense at google+. 

What is google adsense?
You can earn through, blog, site, etc by placing ads that you get from Google AdSense. It's easy, free, flexible. Google provide relevant ads on your site. AdSense has helped over two million partners grow their businesses in the last 10 years. For google adsense account, you have to apply for it. It's easy to apply but it takes time to approve.

Tips to increase chances for approval for google adsense registration account-

  • Read all terms and conditions and follow them. Terms and conditions are use to change time to time, so keep visiting official blog.
  • Develop quality site having easy navigation and no broken pages (404 not found pages).
Tips to increase increase traffic and revenue - 
  • Don't violate google terms and conditions.
  • You can promote your site/blog but you can't ask people to click on ads. It's  violation of terms.
  • More coming soon.

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